The Congregation of Mark the Evangelist values worship and preaching, community, hospitality and service.

Weekly worship is on Sundays at 10am, including a weekly celebration of the Eucharist.


Worship and Masks


Sunday October 2

'Looking in the right place'

Bruce Barber


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The congregation operates Hotham Mission, in co-operation with other church and community groups in the area, reflecting our concern to address poverty and marginalisation.

We run regular study groups and faith education series exploring faith for the contemporary world.


You are very welcome to join us in any of our activities!


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Most recent updates

Being Disciples – Study Groups October-November 2022

Our fourth-quarter study groups in 2022 will look at Rowan Williams’ “Being Disciples: Essentials of the Christian Life”. The book covers the following themes, one per chapter: Being Disciples Faith, hope and love Forgiveness Holiness Faith in Society Life in the Spirit This text is available in paper and electronic

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Lectionary Commentary – Ordinary 28C/Proper 23C (Sunday between October 9 to October 15)

The following links are to the Revised Common Lectionary commentary pages of Howard Wallace and Bill Loader, and are suggested as preparation for hearing the readings in worship for the Sunday indicated above. Jeremiah 29:1, 4-7 see also By the Well podcast on this text Psalm 66:1-12 Luke 17:11-19 see also

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MtE Update – September 29 2022

The most recent Synod eNews (Septermber 21) The most recent news from the UCA Assembly (Sept 28) This Sunday October 2, the focus text will be from Luke’s Gospel (borrowed from last week’s lection); for info on these and other readings for Sunday, see here. The MtE Events Calendar Worship

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