Ephesians – Sermons in 2021

Over the months of June-September (more or less!) we’ll be taking a lead from the Revised Standard Lectionary (RCL) and looking at Paul’s letter to the Ephesians on those Sundays when Craig is preaching, although taking more time than the RCL allots to the letter.

To make the most of the sermon series, you might consider the following:

  • Read the letter. It’s not long, and reading it through a few times over the course of the series will help you in hearing the sermons each week
  • Have a look also at the letter Colossians, which has a lot in common with Ephesians
  • Look at the Bible Project’s short introduction to Ephesians on YouTube (~9mins)
  • Look at Dale Martin’s more extensive overview (considers also the letter to the Colossians ~ 50mins)
  • For those who would like something a little more substantial, Tom Wright’s ‘Prison Letters’ volume in his ‘Paul for Everyone’ series is a good introduction and exposition of the letter at a popular level (the book also includes sections on Colossians, Philippians and Philemon): Koorong, Amazon and Book Depository

Once the series has stared, the sermons to date from Ephesians can be found in the annual listing