Illuminating Faith

Illuminating Faith is a faith education initiative of the Congregation of Mark the Evangelist. Reflecting the Congregation’s own interest in thinking deeply about Christian faith, these studies offer a range of different reflections on Christian confession intended both to illuminate that faith, and to show how Christian faith can itself be illuminating.

Illuminating Faith will be a growing resource of free PDF study materials suitable for small group and individual study, free to download and print. Much of the material has been prepared and edited by members of the congregation. We also provide links to some materials prepared by others but which we are keen to promote.

The studies will be in a mixture of styles. Most are read-and-discuss booklets, providing a reflection on a biblical text or faith theme to be read prior to a group coming together to discuss the material. Some studies will be guides to reading a biblical text, with the study group itself generating its own responses to the passages being considered. In some cases the studies will include suggestions for prayer or other liturgical acts appropriate to the material. Some of the material will oriented towards a particular season in the liturgical year (Advent, Lent, etc.), and some of it is linked to parts of the Revised Common Lectionary cycles.

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