Jeremiah: A Prophetic (Re-)Imagination

Image for Jeremiah SeriesOver September and October we will focusing on the set lectionary readings from the book of Jeremiah. The introductory flyer for the series is available here. The sermons preached so far are available here.

There are many resources available for the study of Jeremiah. In addition to the resources listed on the introductory flyer, the following are a few reliable recommended online resources which introduce the prophet and the texts which will be part of our Jeremiah series.

The Wikipedia entry on the prophet Jeremiah provides a useful introductory sketch of the person of Jeremiah and of the book itself.

Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) resources on Jeremiah

  • Old Testament scholar Howard Wallace offers commentary on the texts of each week (this commentary is currently being prepared only a couple of weeks in advance of the current Sunday, so check weekly!)
  • John Shearman’s commentary is also useful for historical background on the RCL texts for each week
  • The three-volume Texts for preaching is a solid resource for preaching and personal study, covering the RCL texts (first series) for the three year cycle. It is available in hard cover and on CDROM from online and local bookstores.