Jonah – Sermons in 2020

When’s the last time you heard a series of sermons on Jonah? If ‘never’, let’s see what we can do over a few weeks in February 2020!

Preparing for the series:

  • The best introduction to any scriptural book is to read the book itself! It’s not long — 15 minutes are more than enough to get you through it quite comfortably. Plan to do this a few times through the series.
  • A short animated video introduction (9 minutes) can be found here, which tells the story well and gives a few clues to its structure and purpose.
  • A more academic introduction can be found in this lecture, which sets Jonah in the context of a couple of other ‘outlier’ scriptural books – Esther and Ruth. The comment on Jonah begins at 9.20.
  • A very brief introduction to the book can be found in the first few paragraphs here. If you’re interested in reading something more substantial and don’t already have access to a commentary on Jonah, Phillip Cary’s commentary in the Brazos series (available in hard and electronic versions) is very readable and, more importantly, very good!

The sermons in the series so far can be found below: