Mark the Evangelist Update – October 15 2015


the latest MtE news update:

  1. The final study group series is almost upon us – the Tuesday evening group begins next week Tuesday 20, the Friday morning group the following week. If you’re interested in coming but haven’t registered, please send me an email or register via the web page.
  2. Our annual All Saints luncheon approaches again: Sunday November 1! If you are likely to be attending for the luncheon, please let Rod know; if you are able to assist with bringing something to contribute to the meal, please speak to Bev.
  3. We are seeking someone to take over responsibility for overseeing the provision of morning tea after worship. While the work on any day is done by those rostered, we need a person to maintain the tea and coffee supplies (not milk; with reimbursement), wash the tea towels as needed, order, supply or arrange occasional birthday cakes (usually just the “decade” birthdays) and for baptisms or over special events. If you think might be able to take this on or share it for a shorter or longer term, please speak to Rod.
  4. The October 2015 newsletter Synod is here.
  5. A recent request from Yarra Yarra Presbytery re support of several ministries in region oriented towards mental health issues can be read here.