Melbourne UCA Justice Coalition

‘The Melbourn UCA Justice Coalition’ needs a better name but, for the moment, this labels an informal coalition of members from several Uniting Churches in or around the Melbourne CBD. Coalition participants presently include members of the Carlton, North Melbourne, Richmond, Wesley (Lonsdale St) and St Michaels (Collins St) congregations At the moment we don’t have our own web presence, so this is a ‘borrowed’ post on the Mark the Evangelist site while we wait to see how the coalition develops.

The purpose of the coalition is for participants to think together about ‘live’ justice and peace issues in our congregations and wider society, in order to learn more about them and to begin to act to make a difference. We’re just beginning to find our feet in this intention!

Two projects are presently in place: (1) attention to issues around asylum-seeking in Australia; and (2) promoting peace through diplomacy.

The first of these will feature an online forum – ‘Shining a light on asylum in Australia’ – on October 24 2021; details are here.

The peace and diplomacy project will also feature an online presentation in October or November 2021

Meetings of the coalition are presently held online via Zoom. If you are interested to become part of these conversations, contact Craig (MtE minister) to be added to the email group for notification of meetings and events.

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