MtE Update – 1 May 2020

  1. Our second quarter study groups return next week, online for as long as we need to be before going back to face-to-face. The studies will be the first of several as part of an overview of the Old Testament; see here for more information
  2. Rob Gallacher has published a book — ‘THE COLOUR OF PRAYER’ — and it may be that some people from Mark the Evangelist would like to buy a copy. For details and a review, see this dedicated post.                 
  3. If you would still like to be added to the ‘MtE C-19 contacts list’ but haven’t responded yet, find and reply to the email from Craig earlier in the week.
  4. This week’s Synod eNews (May 1)
  5. News from the Justice and International Mission Cluster (April 29)
  6. In the Easter season (from now till end of May), our Sunday reflections will look particularly to the lectionary’s selections from the book of 1 Peter. For more information, see the dedicated post.
  7. We will vary the lectionary slightly this week; the lectionary re-orders chapter 2 this week and next, but we’ll take the readings in the order they appear in 1 Peter — so will take next week’s selection this week and this week’s later! So, for commentary on the Gospel and Pslam this week Easter 4A, May 3, see here; for commentary on the 1 Peter text we’ll consider this week see here
  8. A brief account of ministry of the saint commemorated this Sunday can be found here:    May 4 – Monica, mother of Augustine of Hippo