MtE Update – 20 February 2020

  1. Our series on the prophet Jonah concludes this Sunday Feb 23, considering Jesus’ offer of ‘the sign of Jonah’ in connection with the designation of this Sunday as Transfiguration Sunday.
  2. This Sunday there will be a sermon feedback discussion following morning tea, looking back to the recent series on Jonah, including the sermon to be presented this Sunday. Please stay if you are able… The sermons presented up till now are available here if you want to look back over them… 
  3. This Sunday we will introduce a new communion setting for use during Lent and Easter. If you would like to familiarise yourself with in or refresh your memory after last’s week’s after-worship practice run. the melody line is available in PDF here; a simple audio version can be heard via the following links (will download or automatically open a media player: ‘Lord, have mercy‘; Holy, Holy,…Blessed is he who comes…’; ‘Christ has died‘; ‘Blessing and honour‘; and ‘Lamb of God‘. The ‘Gloria’ will be introduced late March for Easter.
  4. Lent commences next week, February 26, with our Ash Wednesday service, 6.45pm in the church.
  5. Details of our Lenten Studies for this year are now posted here; there are presently three groups in place for these studies in Nth Melbourne, the city and Hawthorn. It will help if you indicate which of the groups you’d like to attend via the registration page. Another great little Lenten devotional resource which might interest you is Walter Brueggemann’s, A Way other than Our Own: Devotions for Lent.
  6. We are pleased to welcome Br Peter Bray back to Melbourne to speak more on the work of Bethlehem University; this time his public address in Melbourne will be jointly sponsored by Wesley Uniting Church (and the Palestine Israel Ecumenical Network), and hosted at Wesley at 630pm on next Monday, February 24. See the flyer here
  7. ADVANCE NOTICE! During Lent we will be considering the songs of the ‘suffering servant’ in Isaiah as our Sunday focus texts most weeks. See here for more information.