MtE Update – February 22 2018


  1. TONIGHT, 630pm: Brother Peter Bray from Bethlehem University returns to Melbourne, and is again hosted by MtE in a public forum; more details are here. If social media is your thing, please help to make this event known via the Facebook link.
  2. Our worship space during Lent will feature a number of icons, increasing in number over the period to Easter. More details about this part of the worship can be found here, including a link to the icon for this Sunday, Lent 2
  3. Our Lenten studies for this year begin next Wednesday, February 21, and Friday February 23; details are here. It would help to know if you plan to attend!
  4. “Read it as if you wrote it”. Attention all rostered (and potentially rostered!) in-worship Scripture readers: we’re planning a workshop on the important ministry of lector after morning tea this Sunday February 25 — “Read it as if you wrote it”. Please plan to be there if you’re able; those who don’t read the Scriptures for worship also welcome!
  5. For those interested in some background commentary to the readings for this Sunday February 25, see the links here.