MtE Update – July 2 2020

  1. We’ve got another preaching series coming up from about the end of July, after following Paul to the end of chapter 8 in Romans.
  2. Our ‘Illuminating Faith’ continues to serve the wider church in its provision of study and worship materials. The latest addition is the full content of the study series which some have recently been enjoying — an introductory survey of the Old Testament from the perspective of modern scholarship. You can have a look at the landing page for Illuminating Faith here.
  3. A friends of Vallore fundraising appeal
  4. This week July 5 we continue with the set RCL readings, looking again at the selection from Paul’s letter to the Romans. Some introductory comment on the readings for Sunday can be found here.
  5. A brief account of ministry of the saint(s) commemorated this Sunday can be found here: July 5 – Willem Visser ’t Hooft