MtE Update – June 21 2019

  1. Our second quarter study groups are now underway — not too late to join! details are here; note that the Tuesday group has been shifted to 730pm. 
  2. THIS Sunday June 23 Craig will begin a series of sermons in Sunday worship on the book of the prophet Hosea. See here for a bit more information; the  video links on that page give a quick overview of the context and themes of the book.
  3. NEXT Sunday June 30 there will be a congregaional update meeting on progress with the MtE buildings project, from 1130am for about 30 minutes or so. The meeting will be informal (no decisions to be made).
  4. The latest news from the Synod’s JIM Unit (June)
  5. You might be interested in some historic (early 80s, late 70s?) photos around Nth Melbourne, including a number of the Curzon St property.
  6. The focus text for this Sunday June 23 will be Hosea 1.1-10, with particular interest in 1.1; Psalm 85 complement this, with Luke 6.26-39 as the set gospel for the day.

Old News

  1. If you have an interest in donating to Hotham Mission’s work before the end of the financial year, follow the prompts here
  2. Hotham Mission is running another fund- and awareness-raising BBQ at Bunnings in Brunswick on June 22 (Saturday). Volunteers are sought — especially for the busy 11am-2pm time slots! Contact Joey if you can help! 

Advance Dates

  • June 30 – Update after morning tea on buildings project progress
  • August 18 – Sunday Conversation – Lentara on the Asylum Seekers Project