MtE Update – March 14 2018


  1. Our worship space during Lent will feature a number of icons, increasing in number over the period to Easter. More details about this part of the worship can be found here, including a link to the icon for this Sunday, March 18: Lent 5
  2. Following morning tea on THIS SUNDAY March 18 there will be a conversation on the shape of our worship services at MtE. This will likely be the first of a number over time for exploring together what happens in church on Sundays.
  3. The last of the Wednesday night Lenten studies (NEXT week) has been moved from Wed 21st to Tues 20th, same times but in the St Mary’s hall rather than the church. The last of the Friday morning studies remain at Fri 23.
  4. The most recent Presbytery newsletter is here.
  5. A recent newletter (re-)introducing Uniting AgeWell.
  6. For those interested in some background commentary to the readings for this Sunday March 18, see the links here.