MtE Update – March 2 2022


  1. Lent and Easter at MtE
  2. The most recent Presbytery News (Feb 28)
  3. A three-week Lenten Studies series will commence face-to-face from Wednesday March 16 and online from Friday March 18. Details are here!
  4. CHECK OUT what’s happening at Hotham Mission
  5. The most recent Synod eNews (Feb 24)
  6. The most recent news from the UCA Assembly (Feb 23)
  7. This Sunday March 6, we begin a series of Lenten reflections on disciple and mission. Our focus text will be the set gospel reading most weeks. This week’s gospel text will be Luke 4.1-13. See also below!!
  8. For most of the Sundays in Lent, we’ll adopt a different approach to the hearing-the-Word part of the liturgy. The proclamation time will take the shape of a kind of communal discernment in response to a statement about what it means to be Christians at mission in the world. These statements will be heard as recorded audio in the service, followed by a brief guided conversation. After this, we will hear the gospel as colour to what we have heard and said together, a short reflection from the “preacher” for the day. We will then proceed to the Eucharist. Everything we expect from a worship will – hopefully – still be present, but the space will be more interactive, with the seating re-arranged over Lent to make for better conversation. The audio comes via our subscription to


  1. Our COVID policy for worship will be reviewed at Church Council this week; until then, the follow still applies:
  2. Attendance at gathered services is presently limited to those who demonstrate that they have had two COVID-19 vaccination shots, or that they are exempt from being vaccinated. It will be necessary to provide proof of your vaccination, either prior to the service or on the day at the door, but this only needs to be shown once for recording; please see here for more information. If you presently are unable to attend under these conditions the live-stream is still available from the home page, or please contact Craig or your elder.
  3. Mindful of the health-vulnerability of some members of our congregation and the uncertain state of play with respect to the pandemic, the church council has decided that we will continue to wear masks in worship throughout February, except for those who need to remove them when leading the worship, and for morning tea, or who have an exemption from wearing a mask. We have now returned to reception of Holy Communion in both kinds – small communion glasses only.

Advance Notice

  1. March 20: Bible Readers’ workshop after worship
  2. April 10: The Passion of the Christ according to St Luke
  3. May 1: Congregational AGM