MtE Update – September 21 2017

The latest MtE News:

  1. The latest Pilgrim College news (September 18) is here.
  2. The latest Presbytery update (September 20) is here.
  3. For those interested in some background commentary to the readings for this Sunday September 24, see the links here. We are presently hearing the Series II OT readings on Sunday.
  4. “Sin boldly!” in October: In October Christ Church Kensington (76 McCracken Street, Kensington) celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, especially one of its leaders, Martin Luther—who actually meant it when he said, “Sin boldly!” On three Tuesday evenings at 7:30 PM (10, 17, and 24 October) at Christ Church, members of CCK will gather to learn about Luther (and what he meant by his “advice”). We will be reading portions of a short book, Martin Luther: A Very Short Introduction by Scott H. Hendrix, available from Book Depository and Amazon. If you would like to participate, please let Craig known and he’ll pass on your interest to the organisers (or let Margaret Rolfe [Christ Church] know directly).
  5. On Sunday October 1 there will be a conversation following morning tea of the “Voluntary Assisted Dying/Suicide” consultation paper prepared by the VicTas Synod’s Justice and International Mission unit. Rosalie will lead us in one aspect of the document before we open up to a general discussion. You can download the document here, or pick up a hard copy at church on Sunday (72 pages long!).The purpose of the discussion is to:
    • To give an opportunity for members of the conversation to make comments, ask questions, and “overhear” the discussion of others on this question
    • To invite members to contribute in feedback to the Synod on this question (responses can be made up to October 20, 2017)

    Reading the consultation paper

    The consultation paper is long. It comprises:

    1. the recommendations on the governmental Ministry Advisory Committee, which outline how legislation enabling voluntary assisted dying might be constructed (pp8-19);
    2. existing VicTas Synod resolutions on the matter, theological reflections of selected members of the church, and formally expressed views of other churches (pp20-48);
    3. reasons why assisted dying laws might be needed (pp49-51); and
    4. an overview of such laws in other places (52ff)

    While reading the whole of the report will be helpful, our conversation will likely focus on the theological reflections, in connection with the “reasons why” section (that is, pp.22-51).