MtE Update – September 27 2018

  1. The latest Presbytery eNews is here (with the correction that the next Presbytery meeting is Nov 17, not 24).
  2. For those interested in some background commentary to the readings for this Sunday September 30, see the links here (we’ll be hearing only the gospel reading, supplemented with Psalm 1).

Other things potentially of interest

  1. Brunswick Uniting Church is offering a forum on the Victorian Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation

Old News

  1. If you’re interested in following up further the material Robert Gribben presented two weeks ago on the Great Prayer of Thanksgiving, you might be interested in looking at his book on the subject; some copies are available here ($10 plus postage…). It can also be consulted at the theological library at the CTM. (Robert Gribben, Uniting in Thanksgiving, The Great Prayers of the Uniting Church in Australia,  Melbourne: UAP, 2008.  It has three parts: (1) The Genealogy of the Great Prayer; (2), a commentary on the texts and (3) A Practical Commentary).
  2. Our series on the Ten Commandments will return for 4 consecutive weeks in October; if you were planning get one of suggested background reading resources for this series but haven’t yet, now’s a good time to order it!