Returning to Worship at MtE

Attendance only for fully vaccinated people

We will be returning to gathered worship in the church on Sunday November 7, 2021

The church council of MtE recently considered the logistics of returning to gathered worship under the present health directives, and resolved that:

  • MtE gather for public worship as a fully vaccinated/exempt-only community;
  • MtE continue to provide online access to live and recorded services for at least the duration of these limited worship gatherings;
  • MtE return to gathered worship on Sunday 7 November; and
  • this policy be reviewed at the December Church Council meeting.

This is to say that if you have not had both COVID-19 vaccinations, you will not be able to attend Sunday morning public worship at MtE until vaccination ceases to be a factor impinging on social gatherings

The following summary of the rationale for the above resolution was also approved:

  • The Church Council has determined that, in view of the current health crisis, our public worship services would be open only to people fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and to those exempt from vaccination. While individuals are free not to be vaccinated, we believe vaccination to be the best response of Christians to the present health crisis. In vaccination, we express concern for each other as much as for ourselves. This policy is intended to reflect that conviction and will apply until such vaccination ceases to be relevant for public gatherings. We recognise that this means some might not be able to participate fully in congregational activities, and we will seek to offer ministry to these as we are able. If you are in this situation, please contact the minister for discussion.

Putting this into practice

This policy requires that, in order to attend gathered worship services at MtE for the time being, it is necessary to demonstrate that you have received your double COVID-19 vaccination or are exempt from vaccination. There are several ways of doing this:

  • Download a copy of your vaccination certificate from your MyGov account and email it Rod M or Craig T for recording;
  • Take a screenshot of your digital certificate in the Medicare app on your smartphone and email or text it to Rod or Craig;
  • Bring your phone and show it to the attendance recorder (usually Rod M or Peter B!) on the first Sunday you attend;
  • Phone Medicare and request that a copy of your certificate be posted to you, and bring it to church to show us.

More information about obtaining a vaccination certificate is available on this government page. If you’re still unsure of how to access one of these options, please check with Rod or Craig or a tech-savvy family member!

It will help us if you are able to send us confirmation of vaccination prior to your first attendance back at church, but on the day is also fine.

While it will continue to be necessary to record your attendance at church via the QR code each week (as before the most recent lockdown), your vaccination status needs only to be demonstrated once. Our record of your vaccination will include that you have been vaccinated and the date of your second vaccination, and will only be held for as long as we might need to demonstrate to health authorities that the gathered congregation is fully vaccinated.