Study Groups 2021 – Lenten Studies

Three studies on
the Gospel according to Mark

7.30pm, Wednesdays March 10, 17 and 24
[and online Fridays March 12, 19 and 26 at 1.30pm]

We are again offering an ecumenical study for Lent, in association with St Mary’s Anglican Church, North Melbourne. We hope that other local (and distant!) congregations will join us bodily or online!

The studies will be presented by Rev Assoc Prof Sean Winter, (March 10) teacher in New Testament at Pilgrim Theological College, and Revd Professor Dorothy Lee (March 17 and 24), a member of the St Mary’s congregation and a teacher in New Testament and Trinity College, Melbourne.

The ‘live’ (gathered, not streamed) version of these studies will be 7.30pm, Wednesdays March 10, 17 and 24 at the St Mary’s church, 430 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne.

A session will also be offered on Fridays March 12, 19 and 26 at 1.30pm, using the recording of the Wednesday session. You will need to register below to receive the link for the Zoom session; the audio and handouts will be added below as they become available.

For information about the impact of any unforeseen COVID-19 constraints on the studies, please check the MtE website before attendance:

A flyer for these studies is available here.

Preparing for the Lenten studies

You might like to do some advanced or parallel preparation for these studies with some extra resources. The best preparation will be to read the Gospel through!

Beyond this, Dale Martin’s Yale useful lecture on the Gospel of Mark can be found here (lecture transcript). The Bible Project’s summary of Mark’s Gospel is also a useful (and brief!) overview of Mark, if from a different theological perspective from Martin’s (and what you might hear in our own studies!) If you’d like to hear a polished reading of Mark’s Gospel, try David Suchet’s reading of Mark on YouTube.

Study audio and handouts

Some have had trouble hearing the whole of the audio (cutting out quite short). The files have been moved to a different server (Google Drive, from March 24). If this problem persists for you, try downloading the audio (usually via a mouse right-click on the link) to your computer and playing the downloaded file.

  • Study 1 Audio (Sean Winter, March 10/12) — the lecture finishes at about 42.14; after this are Sean’s responses to several questions (the questions have been deleted as they are inaudible). The handout referred to in the lecture is here.
  • Study 2 Audio (Dorothy Lee, March 17/19) – The lecture finishes at about 32.40, followed by questions. The recording is a little muddy. Some effort has been made to make it more audible but the audibility decreases towards the end of the questions session. The handout for the lecture is here; supplementary reading (for anyone interested) has also been provided by Prof Lee, here.
  • Study 3 Audio (Dorothy Lee, March 24/26) – See above comment if the audio cuts out early for you; the uploaded file is just short of 57 minutes. The lecture finishes at about 37.50; some of the questions are a little muffled but Prof Lee’s answers are clear! The handout for the lecture is here.


Please register below if you are planning to attend; this is less critical for the Wednesday sessions (assuming they can be held as gathered meetings in the church) but the Zoom link for the Friday sessions will only be sent to registered email addresses.

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