The Bible in my Head – Image 1

(See here for an introduction to ‘The Bible in my Head”)

This the first image for the BIMH project.

The five items represent the 5 ‘sections’ of the Old Testament: Torah, History, Poetry, Major Prophets and Minor Prophets.

The suggested association of the images to the biblical sections is as follows:

  • Tear drop: first, ‘tear’ sounds a little like ‘Torah’; second, water features at key points in the Pentateuch narrative: the wild waters at the beginning, pre-creation; the waters parted at the Exodus in the middle of the collection; and the water to be crossed (the Jordan) to enter Canann at the end (admittedly, this last occurs in Joshua!).
  • Crown: symbolising the history into and through the kings, even if not all the books in this section are concerned with the kings.
  • Musical Notes: symbolising the poetic nature of the books in this section, often songs themselves (Psalms, Songs).
  • Large Prophetic figure: symbolising the ‘major’ (longer) prophetic books.
  • Small Prophetic figure: symbolising the ‘minor’ (shorter) prophetic books.

At this stage, all that is necessary is to be able to ‘conjure up’ the sequence of images in one’s mind, associating each with the ideas above, and in the correct order. The next stage of the process adds more information to these images, so you’ll want to be sure you’ve got this much in your head already!

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