Connecting to the online discussions

The group will use the Google Hangouts
Google’s own instructions for using Hangouts is here but you might find the following enough.
If you already have a Google account set up on your home computer or phone, that will to the trick. If you’ve not got a Google account, it’s easy to obtain one; follow the instructions here.
Work out whether you want to use your phone or home computer — chances are your phone might be better suited to the task, but make sure it’s charged up!
Your phone or computer will need the Hangouts app. This is probably already on your Android phone or, if you’re with Apple, there’s an app here. In the case of the home computer, the app may be an extension to your web browser.
The ”hangout’ link for the conversation will be sent to you from us in an email; clicking on the link will take you to the location for the group.
It will be best if you test all this with another in the group before the first meeting; we’re keen to make it work but it might take a little effort!
If an issue with connection arises on the night of the meeting, check your email for an another address for linking in.