How to use LitBit Commentaries and Features

How to use LitBit Features

LitBit features are intended to be inserted into a pew sheet in the “notices” section, spanning the whole page. You can either copy the text in the LitBit post and paste it into your pew sheet at an appropriate position (editing it, if you like), or copy and past an image of the text via the link in the post (which cannot be edited).

How to use this LitBit Commentary Snippets

LitBit liturgical commentary snippets are intended to be inserted into a pew sheet in the midst of the liturgy itself. They are mostly easily included by creating a text box in your word processing program and then formatting text and box size and location so that it appears in the right place without obstructing the printed order itself.

Select the text in the post, copy it and paste it into a text box in your word processor.

Shorter commentary texts might be situated on your page as a “gloss” or side comment; longer texts might span the page. It can help to change the font and colour of the text to minimize confusion on the page.