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LitBits are a liturgical educational aids for congregations. We use them at Mark the Evangelist, and imagine than others might find them helpful as well!

There are two types of LitBits resources.

The first is liturgical commentary. These are text snippets intended to be inserted into a pew sheet in the midst of the liturgy itself. (A bit like this).

The second type of LitBit is a short feature on some aspect of the liturgy. This is a longer piece available as both copy-and-past text and as a graphic which can simply be copied and re-sized for your pew sheet. (A bit like this).

LitBits will appear on this site as blog-type posts. You can search LitBits for themes or keywords using the tag clouds and seach box below.

You can also subscribe to receive weekly emails with suggested LitBits for inclusion in pew sheets for the coming Sunday; simply provide your email address on our sign-up page. This list is only used to send emails relating to LitBits and you can unsubscribe at any time.


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