LitBit Commentary – Rowan Williams on the Eucharist 7

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“… when the risen Christ eats with disciples it is not just a way of proving he is ‘really there’; it is a way of saying that what Jesus did in creating a new community during his earthly life, he is doing now with the apostles in his risen life.  We who are brought into the company of the apostles in our baptism – which, remember, brings us to where Jesus is to be found – share that ‘apostolic’ moment when we gather to eat and drink in Jesus’ presence.  And that is why, throughout the centuries since, Christians have been able to say exactly what the apostles say: they are the people with whom Jesus ate and drank after he was raised from the dead. Holy Communion makes no sense at all if you do not believe in the resurrection.”

Rowan Williams, Being Christian, p.45

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