Mark the Evangelist Update – July 10 2015


the latest MtE news update:

  1. This Sunday we will take a break from the series of reflections on the kingship in Israel to consider an opinion piece by Lorraine Parkinson which appeared in the most recent issue of Crosslight (July): “A response to ‘Why Unite’”. (This is a response to an earlier piece by Randall Prior). To my mind it is an unhelpful piece but it warrants conversation or a response. To facilitate this reflection, the following readings will be heard in worship on Sunday:Galatians 2.15-21, Psalm 30 and Matthew 5.13-20.It will help you to participate in the reflection if you are able to read the Crosslight piece before Sunday. The form of our engagement around this will be a more of a dialogue than the usual sermon. It might also help to engage in this if you were to consider the following questions about Lorraine’s article, which we’ll use as the basis for our discussion: what appeals to you about her argument, what troubles you about it, and how good is the good news she thinks she has in her alternative to the traditional Christian reading of Jesus?
  2.  In July and August there will be a study series focussing on Marcus Borg’s Meeting Jesus again for the first time. You can register your interest via our web site.
  3. The most recent Presbytery update (July 6) is here.
  4. The most recent Synod update (July 9) is here.