Mark the Evangelist Update – October 1 2015


the latest MtE news update:

  1. There will be no congregational lunch following worship this Sunday; the next congregational lunch will be the All Saints luncheon on November 1.
  2. Following worship (morning tea) next Sunday October 11 there will be a short workshop considering the new preamble to UC Hotham Mission’s Strategic Plan, which is being reviewed after three years. We encourage you, if you are able, to stay for a half hour or so to reflect on UCHM’s work and its link to the life of the congregation.
  3. A number of you have expressed appreciation for the “LitBits” we’ve been including in Sunday pew sheets, illuminating some aspect of the worship service. Imagining that others might find them helpful as well, we’ve launched a page on our web site making them available to whomever might be interested, and will be advertising their availability through the church. 
  4. The VicTas Synod has recently launched its Keeping Children Safe Policy, available here; the church council continues to work through the new requirements of congregations with respect to this.
  5. For the Synod’s recent decision about what to do with its 130 Lt Collins Street office block, see the Moderator’s letter and the information sheet.
  6. Some of you might be interested in a web page I stumbled across while looking for something else — some old newspaper “clippings” on the construction of Union Memorial Church, and the windows in particular.
  7. Brunswick Uniting Church invites you to to hear of life in Palestine from Dr Bishara Awad, the founder and president of Bethlehem Bible College Monday, October 5th at 7:30pm – 9:00pm – an informal supper will conclude the evening.

– Bishara Awad was born in Jerusalem in 1939. During the height of the Arab/Israeli conflict, Bishara’s father fell victim to a stray bullet, and Bishara became a refugee along with his mother, three brothers and three sisters. Following his high school education in Jerusalem he attended the Dakota Wesleyan University in the USA. After marrying Salwa from Gaza in 1970 and the birth of their first son, Sami, in 1972, Bishara returned to Palestine to work in the Hope School in Beit Jala.  He served as principal for ten years. In 1979, Bishara felt led to start Bethlehem Bible College and with the support of other Christian leaders and a $20 donation, began this ministry during evening hours at Hope School. From 1979 until 2012, Bishara has served as president of Bethlehem Bible College. Today, Bethlehem Bible College is a fully accredited institution that enjoys its own campus and serves 130+ young men and women each year. Extension satellites operate in the Galilee region and in Gaza. Graduates of Bethlehem Bible College are serving their communities as pastors, Christian educators, counsellors, and tour guides. 

Bethlehem Bible College: 

Bethlehem Hope:


AND don’t forget that Daylight Savings begins this Sunday morning!