Migrations of the Holy – Study Series August and September 2017

Our August 2017 Study Series will look at William Cavanaugh’s, Migrations of the Holy.

Wednesdays August 9 – September 13, 7.30-9.00pm, Mark the Evangelist, North Melbourne (venue TBA) [Note: no group August 16]

Fridays August 11 – September 15, 9.30-11.00am, Habitat Uniting Church (Augustine) [Note: no group August 18]

In order to confirm the viability of the groups, please register your interest for a group here.

As the book is too long to treat in 5 weeks, we’ll only look at a selection of the chapters, as outlined below. The order of these selections is intended to give us an easier induction into Cavanaugh’s argument.

Week 1 — Introduction and Chapter 6 “The Liturgies of Church and State”

  • [The intrepid might find the long Chapter 1 a useful complement to the set readings for this week, but we’ll not assume that anyone has read Chapter 1]

Week 2 – Chapter 7 “The Church as Political”

  • [Chapter 2 might be a useful complement to this reading, for those with the extra time and interest]

Week 3 – Chapter 3 “Migrant, Tourist, Pilgrim, Monk”

Week 4 – Chapter 8 “The Sinfulness and Visibility of the Church”

  • [for those with the extra time, Chapter 9 might be a helpful complement to Chapter 8]

Week 5 – TBC

  • [Depending on how we’ve gone in the preceding weeks, and what from the remaining chapters of the book group would like to look at in the remaining week]

Sourcing your copy of Migrations:

Kindle [instant electronic]
Book depository [Usually within a week from the UK]