MtE Update – 10 October 2019

  1. This Sunday October 13 we will start to use the final addition to our Mark the Evangelist communion setting – the Gloria. A number of us learned this after worship last Sunday, but for those who didn’t and would like to have a look in advance, a simplified draft of the sheet music and the words is available here (PDF download), and you can listen to the tune here (should open a player on your computer or phone). 
  2. This Sunday October 13 our series on the Ten Commandments concludes: ‘You shall not covet…’, supported by Micah 2.1-3, Psalm 10, Romans 7.7-12 and Luke 18.18-27.
  3. The most recent Synod eNews (October 10) is here.
  4. On Sunday October 20 there will be the first of an occasional series of opportunities to engage with the preaching at MtE, beginning this day with Responding to the Ten Commandments series. From 11.30 for about 45 minutes.
  5. On Sunday October 27 there will be a Safe Church workshop after morning tea. YOU may well be one of the members required to attend this, and other interested members are welcome; please see here for more information.
  6. All Saints Day Lunch Sunday 3 November – After Worship. As has been our practice, on Sunday morning, 3 November, we will be celebrating All Saints Day with a lunch after worship. All are welcome – the more the merrier. The lunch is always a great occasion for a good chat, and for enjoying our life together over good food. Most important: Please give your names to Rod or Ann if you can come. AND equally important – please talk with Ann, Mary or Mepandi and let them know what you can contribute for the lunch.
  7. The last of the Hotham Mission Bunnings BBQs will be Saturday November 2 (Sydney Rd, Brunswick). Please let Joey known if you are interested to assist – particularly for any period during the busy 11.00-2.00pm time slots!)

Other things potentially of interest 

  1. Taize Prayer, October 18

Old News

  1. We have had a new sound system update, making it possible to connect directly into the sound system via hearing aids or headphones — speak to Rod to see whether it will help you in the services!

Advance Dates

  1. Sunday October 20 – Responding to the Ten Commandments series: a ‘sermon feedback’ session after morning tea
  2. Sunday November 3 – All Saints luncheon
  3. Sunday December 1 – Responding to the 1 Timothy series: a ‘sermon feedback’ session after morning tea