MtE Update – 26 February 2020

  1. Lent commences THIS EVENING with our Ash Wednesday service, 6.45pm in the church.
  2. Details of our Lenten Studies for this year are now posted here; there are presently three groups in place for these studies in Nth Melbourne, the city (Syond office) and Hawthorn. The studies commence next week. It will help if you indicate which of the groups you’d like to attend via the registration page.
  3. If you are planning to attend the first of the Lenten studies on Wednesday night (March 4), please let Craig know whether you can assist with the catering…
  4. We are planning to run an children’s ‘Easter workshop’ in the first week of the school holidays (morning of April 2). This will be a morning program of learning, playing games, singing songs and working on the new Paschal Candle for Easter. If you are able to help in running this, could you please let Craig know…
  5. The latest (Feb 20) Synod eNews is here.
  6. During Lent (on the Sundays Craig is preaching) we will be considering the songs of the ‘suffering servant’ in Isaiah as our Sunday focus texts most weeks. See here for more information.
  7. THIS SUNDAY March 1: the focus text will be Isaiah 42:1-9; See Howard Wallace’s commentary on this text here or Anna Grant-Henderson’s here. The gospel and the psalm will be from the RCL readings for Lent 1A; some online comment on them can be found here. These weekly commentary resources now include a link to the new lectionary  podcasts from the Synod’s Centre for Theology and Ministry

Old News

  1. This Sunday we will continue with the new communion setting for use during Lent and Easter. If you would like to familiarise yourself with in or refresh your memory, the melody line is available in PDF here; a simple audio version can be heard via the following links (will download or automatically open a media player: ‘Lord, have mercy‘; Holy, Holy,…Blessed is he who comes…’; ‘Christ has died‘; ‘Blessing and honour‘; and ‘Lamb of God‘. The ‘Gloria’ will be introduced late March for Easter.
  2. Details of our Lent and Easter services are now available here.

Advance Dates

  1. The MtE congregational AGM will follow morning tea on Sunday March 29
  2. Sunday April 5 – Our morning service will be built around a hearing of the Passion narrative of St Matthew