MtE Update – 29 May 2020

  1. While the relaxing of restrictions on social gatherings now makes a form of gathered worship service possible, the cleaning and spacing requirements are presently onerous and the church council has not yet considered the logistics for a return to ‘normal’ services at MtE. Some of the Synod’s advice in relation to this is available from the Synod eNews postings in this and the last few weeks’ MtE Updates. For the next couple of weeks (at least) Sunday services at MtE will continue to be delivered online. Church Council will consider what we might be able to do in response to the easing of restrictions at the next council meeting, June 4.
  2. Our second quarter study groups continue online for as long as we need to before going back to face-to-face. The studies are an introduction to modern scholarly readings of the Old Testament using online an video and transcript resource — lots of new things to discover! The two groups presently comprise 20 people from 6(!)  congregations. It’s not too late to join in — see here for more information.
  3. Latest Synod eNews (May 28) is here.
  4. This week May 31 / Pentecost we continue our 1 Peter series, looking at 4.1-11; we are a couple of weeks behind where the lectionary is now with 1 Peter. The psalm and the gospel for the Sunday will be as set in the Lectionary, and some background can be found here
  5. A brief account of ministry of the saint(s) commemorated this Sunday can be found here. May 27 – John Calvin.