MtE Update – 5 June 2020

  1. Return to gathered worship services at MtE. The church council has considered this week the timing of a return to worship, as COVID19-related restrictions are slowly relaxed. We resolved that we would return to gathered worship as soon as possible after restrictions on church gatherings allow as many of the congregation to attend who wish to, without the need to exclude any or run multiple services . That is, we will return to worship when it is possible to gather with around 40 people (the present limit is 20 for a religious gathering, and would likely mean excluding some from worship). We recognise that there may be some who will be hesitant to attend even as the authorities relax the restrictions. It is our plan to continue with an online provision of the service in addition to the gathered service, shifting from the present pre-recorded service to an online livestream of the gathered service. This will mean that those who can’t come to the service will be able to watch a real-time broadcast. We will be working on the logisitics of this over the next couple of weeks so that it is in place when we are ready to return to church (more or less!) together. 
  2. News from the Justice and International Mission Cluster (June 3)
  3. This week’s Synod eNews (June 4)
  4. On Thursday 04/06/20 the following food parcels were provided by Hotham Mission:

     –          30 x St. Joseph’s Flexible Learning Centre

    –          25 x Unison Housing

    –          25 x Wombat Housing

    –          15 x The Venny

    –          15 x Hope Co-op West Melbourne

    –          8 x Mount Alexander College

    –          8 x African-Australian Multicultural Employment and Youth Services (AAMEYS)

    –          6 x West Melbourne Baptist Church

    –          6 x Asylum Seekers accommodated by Hotham Mission

     Total = 138 food parcels, including 70 fresh ready-made meals donated by the RACV.

  5. This week June 7 / Trinity Sunday, Rob Gallacher is our preacher. Background to the readings for Sunday can be found here.
  6. A brief account of ministry of the saint(s) commemorated this Sunday can be found here: June 9 – Columba of Iona.