MtE Update – January 21 2021

  1. First update for 2021 – and just a short one!
  2. The most recent Presbytery News is here (Jan 4).
  3. This Sunday January 24 we will have a short ‘hymn-learning’ session to complete the second of the MtE communion settings by learning the till-now ‘missing’ Gloria for the setting! This will be shortly after the conclusion of the service.
  4. This coming Sunday January 24 we will hear some of the set readings for the day, Epiphany 3B, The details of the readings and some commentary are available here; our focus will be on the 1 Corinthians reading.


  1. Worship update Worship is now a gathered service in the church buildings. The services are also being live-streamed, with the links to this stream accessible from the congregational home page. We have sufficient space to accommodate those members of the congregation who would like to attend the service. VISITORS (from outside the usual membership) who would like to attend should register their interest and can be admitted only up to the maximum number allowed in the building. Visitors should register their interest prior to the service by contacting the minister via his email address on the contact page. We ask for your understanding should we not be able to admit you on the day.