MtE Update – July 26 2019

  1. This Sunday July 28 there will be a discussion following worship regarding the recent resolution on ‘voluntary assisted dying’ by the VicTas synod. The following resources might be useful in preparation for the discussion:
    1. The Synod resolution (unconconfirmed minute)
    2. The Report to the VicTas Synod 2019 
    3. A pastoral letter from the VicTas Moderator has been circulated to congregations and agencies
    4. (By contrast:) the Report on VAD to the 2019 QUEENSLAND Synod
    5. and the Queensland Synod resolution (the resolution starts at the bottom of the first page)
  2. We continue this week with Hosea, delving into the confronting chapter 2 of the book; reading chapters 1 to 3 might be good preparation for the service. Accompanying texts will be , Psalm 15, Revelation 22.1-5 and Matthew 16.13-23

Advance Dates

August 18 Sunday Conversation – Lentara on the Asylum Seekers Project