MtE Update – July 28 2016


the latest MtE Update

  1. This Sunday, July 31, we’ll have another hymn-learning session after worship for those who have time to stay and a desire to expand their repertoire!
  2. Hotham Mission is running a special community screening of the documentary “Chasing Asylum”, which explores Australian aslyum-seeker policy and its effects on those seeking asylum. We need a particular number of ticket purchases by August 4 (next week) for the screening to go ahead (the screening is on August 16); for more details, the film trailer and the link to purchase tickets, please see the UCHM web site.
  3. Our next study series will be in August, considering Rowan Williams’ great little book, Being Christian; details and registration page is here.
  4. For those who missed Bruce Barber’s Lenten studies last year, or want to hear them again, he is presenting that at South Melbourne UCA; details are here.