MtE Update – June 17 2021

  1. Worship this Sunday June 20 will return to the church, although we’re back to masks on for the duration of the service (and arrival/departure), and so also won’t be serving morning tea again until further notice. Sigh…
  2. The Hotham Mission End of Financial Year Appeal has now been launched. If you can support HM in this way, this is possible via the HM website.
  3. From June 20 the focus texts for Sunday worship will be taken from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. For more details, see this dedicated post. We begin this week with Ephesians 1.1-14.
  4. Hotham Mission in the news!

Old News

  1. Please consider supporting the Friends of Vellore fundraiser to support the hospital’s COVID-19 response in India; UPDATED (June 17) donation details are here.

Advance Dates

  1. Our congregational meeting to consider further our congregation’s future accommodation will be on Sunday July 18, commencing after worship and continuing to mid-afternoon; more details to come!!