MtE Update – November 11 2021

  1. Worship continues in the church this Sunday November 14. Attendance at gathered services will be limited to those who demonstrate that they have had two COVID-19 vaccination shots, or that they are exempt from being vaccinated. It will be necessary to provide proof of your vaccination, either prior to the service or on the day at the door, but this only needs to be shown once for recording; please see here for more information.
  2. AND, and new roster will be prepared in the next or two — please confirm with Sue your availaliabity to be assigned roles again for the next quarter.
  3. The theme of the next issue of Mark the Word is “Peace and goodwill: looking forwards with sharing and caring” What kind of Christmas are you planning for 2021?” We are also suggesting any stories about specially memorable or unusual Christmas in the  past. Contributions are soughtby the 30th of November.
  4. The most recent Synod eNews (Nov 11)
  5. The most recent news from the UCA Assembly (Nov 10)
  6. This Sunday November 12 the readings will come from lectionary, Daniel 12.1-3, Psalm 16 and Mark 13.1-8 (focus text); see here for some backround on some of these texts.

Advance Notice

  1. December 12: Congregational meeting (budget and focusses for 2022), following worship
  2. December 19: Advent Carols and Readings Service (10am)
  3. February 13: Futures workshop following worship