Quarterly Conversations

The Quarterly Conversation is a new (July-August 2022!) MtE inititative seeking to foster conversation in the community on important social and political themes. Our hope is that, through these conversation groups, we will broaden understanding of – and engagement in – what is happening in Australia society.

The conversations will be held quarterly, and have as their basis the corresponding issue of the Quarterly Essay — a widely-known journal which treats important community and national issues in a single extended, focussed essay.

Participants should get a hold of the current essay and read it in preparation for discussion in the group. Copies are available at your local library, bookstore or newsagent, and in hardcopy and electronic versions from various online sources or by direct subscription from The Quarterly Essay (QE).

Our first Quarterly Conversation was held on August 18, considering the June 2022 QE: Hugh White’s Sleepwalk to War: Australia’s unthinking alliance with America.

Upcoming Quarterly Conversations

October 20, 130-300pm in the Hotham Room of the North Melbourne Library. The session will begin with a consideration of the correspondence in response to the previous QE.

Sept 2022 QE: Waleed Aly and Scott Stephens’ On the ethics and politics of public debate.

This is an “experiment” on MtE’s part, with a commitment to run to project for a year to see how it goes. We look forward to having you join us! If you would like to attend one of the above groups, please indicate below.

Quarterly Conversations - Expression of Interest

Quarterly Conversations - Expression of Interest

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