Study Groups

Our read-and-discuss groups are generally held each quarter over 4-7 weeks, although 2021 will be a little different!

Intro to the New Testament 2021

The principal study groups this year will continue the online Yale courses in the Old and New Testaments. Having covered the OT course last year, the Wednesday and Friday groups will commence the NT course following Easter. These are lively courses with online video and printed resources. The materials for the NT course are here.

Groups will be 

    • Most Wednesdays, 7.45pm via Zoom from April 21
    • Most Fridays, 1.30pm via Zoom from April 23

The groups are coordinated so that if you can’t make your preferred group one week the other will be treating the same material in that week, and you can switch between the groups as you need to. You are also most welcome to join us ‘late’ — after the series is started; it’s never too late to engage seriously with the bible!

PREPARATION — prior to each session, please view/listen to the YouTube video/audio or read the printable transcript from the resources page (link above); the studies revolve around responses and questions arising from the video/printed material

(If there is sufficient interest, another OT course might also be run this year. The materials for the OT course are here).

To register for these Intro to the New Testament discussion groups, please fill out the following form, in order to receive the Zoom meeting details.

(for the unlikely event of any last minute changes – email or mobile phone). PLEASE NOTE: an email address is required for the online sessions.

Please indicate which group you will join. If you plan to switch between the two, indicate which will be your 'main' group. Contact details for the online sessions will be sent to the email address given in the contact details above

To keep informed of our upcoming study series, sign up to the MtE Reading Group Notifications list on our sign-up page.