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Illuminating Faith – Scripture, Canon, Creed

The series of lectures linked below were presented by Robert Jenson 2009; similar material is covered in his book, Canon and Creed (2010).

These lectures have particular importance for Protestants in view of the emphasis Protestantism places on the biblical text, whether in biblicist or extreme liberal interpretative modes. Jenson honours the biblical text but shows how it is the product of a pre-existing complex of theological commitments. Theology, then, does not only arise from the Bible; it also precedes the Bible. This is important for making judgements about the nature and authority of biblical material.

The following links do not constitute an IF study as such – at some stage in the future we may produce a study document to assist the hearing and discussion of the material. Nevertheless, individuals or groups will discover much to ponder in this extending material on its own!

Illuminating Faith – The Lord’s Prayer – Prayer for those who can no longer pray

Bruce Barber’s The Lord’s Prayer is an introduction to this Prayer – and to Christian prayer generally – as specifically Christian prayer. After framing the problem of prayer for the modern mind – believers and non-believers alike – Barber unpacks the Prayer line by line, drawing out its specifically Christian nuances. The study is supported by guiding questions and is suitable for personal or small group use; it could be comfortably be covered in a 4 to 6 week study series, although returning to the material again and again will be rewarding.

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