The Great Code – An Online Discussion Group

Wednesday August 15 we will begin an experimental online discussion group, looking weekly at a chapter of a book. The book will be Northrop Frye’s The Great Code; for more on the book, see some of the reviews here. The quickest and cheapest way to obtain a copy is probably here (typically arrives in 7-10 days); electronic versions do not seem to be available.

The experimental and online aspects of this group are that we will ‘meet’ via Skype or a similar video-conferencing vehicle — more details to come, and not as hard as it might sound (we think!). This means not having to travel in the evening for the group.

The group will ‘meet’ online at 7.45pm on Wednesday August 15, 7.45pm. Let Craig know if you are interested in joining; details on how to set up to participate in the group are here.