Leading the Prayers of the People at Mark the Evangelist

Last revised 23 July 2016

This resource is for those who are responsible for composing and leading the Prayers of the People in Sunday worship at the Congregation of Mark the Evangelist. It includes an indication of the kinds of prayers which should be included each week, as well as a cycle of prayers to be included at regular intervals.

On occasions the minister will specify a particular prayer structure to be used for a period. At other times it will be at the discretion of the pray‑er to determine the form of the prayers. Keep in mind that, if you have a new response (spoken or sung) which you would like to include in the pew sheet, the details have to be sent to the office (enquiries@marktheevangelist.unitingchurch.org.au) by Thursday evening. Familiar responses (Lord, in your mercy, Hear our prayer, etc.) do not need to be included in pew sheet. On the fifth Sunday of the month, when there is one, the minister will lead the Prayers of the People.

The style of prayer you choose to use will determine the content to some extent but, as a general rule, the structure of prayers (i) for the church, (ii) for the world and (iii) for ourselves and others is a good way to prioritise and balance the things prayed for.

Each week, try to include the following prayers:

Prayers for the church

  • Prayers for the congregation and Hotham Mission
  • Prayers for members of the congregation (as per pew sheet; mention of first names only is sufficient, as the full name is given in the pew sheet)
  • During 2016, prayers for the congregation and its discernment in relation to our futures project will be important

Prayers for the world

  • Countries from the ecumenical prayer cycle (as in the pew sheet each week; also given here.)
  • Other current concerns on the international scene

Pastoral Prayers

  • As per known need or requests via the prayer book (here, the name of the person is usually enough; God knows the reason, the congregation doesn’t need the story told in the prayer)


In addition to these weekly prayers, the following cycle is also suggested:

First Sunday of the Month (the minister will normally lead the prayers on the first Sunday of the month)


Synod Moderator (Sharon) and General Secretary (Mark)

Ecumenical Partners in North Melbourne (mention one or several)


“Akbar”, until further notice


Second Sunday of the Month


National UCA Assembly President (Stuart), National UCA General Secretary (Colleen)

World Council of Churches, National Council of Churches, Victorian Council of Churches


Third Sunday of the Month


Presbytery Chairperson (Lauleti), Presbytery Ministers (Paul, Morag & Dan)

The Church Council, Property Committee, Children’s ministry team and our musicians

Current congregational programs/events (study groups, etc.)


Fourth Sunday of the Month


Hotham Mission (Programs: Food Bank, Homework clubs; Staff: Beth; the Hotham Mission Board)


Fifth Sunday of the Month

Free prayer!