Illuminating Liturgy

At Mark the Evangelist we have a passion for liturgy. Our Sunday worship is an evolving, contemporary take on traditional liturgical forms, working with the Uniting Church’s Uniting in Worship as its starting point but also drawing on many other resources.

Illuminating Liturgy reflects some of our thinking about worship. We hope in the future to be able to offer more extensive worship resources for the wider church. For the time being we are pleased to be able to offer “LitBits” – a collection of commentary snippets on elements of catholic Christian worship for use in congregation pew sheets Sunday by Sunday. LitBits are images of text to cut and paste into pew sheets, as commentary on what is happening at that point in the service. Some of these are very short, for inclusion as side-notes in the liturgy itself, some more extensive for a feature section in your notice sheet.

For more about LitBits, and to search the resource or subscribe to receive weekly suggestions, see its dedicated page.