Hotham Mission

Hotham Mission is largely funded by the Congregation of Mark the Evangelist (North Melbourne) and run in close partnership with other churches, community organisations and schools in the North Melbourne and Kensington area.

HM provides community outreach and support to some of the most disadvantaged and marginalised groups throughout North Melbourne, Flemington, Kensington and Parkville.

Our programs provide:

  • Assistance with education costs for grade 7 to 12 children of disadvantaged families
  • Assistance through Homework Clubs for grade 5/6 children who require tutoring on homework tasks set or understanding of specific elements of a subject taught but not yet understood
  • Programs to encourage children and young adults to remain engaged at school until the completion of their secondary education
  • Assistance for disadvantaged families facing food insecurity
  • Assistance for Asylum Seekers with the provision of transition accommodation

For more details about these programs and HM more generally, please see the Mission’s dedicated website.