Mark the Evangelist Update – August 13 2015


the latest MtE news update:

  1. This Sunday we have an after-worship conversation, led by Robert Gribben: “How to stay warm in the ‘ecumenical winter’: some recent travel notes.”
  2. Some of you might be interested in a recent and great little book by Rowan Williams, Being Christian; I’ve given a brief overview of it here.
  3. This is long-term notice, but we’ve another reading/discussion series lined up for later in the year: After Christendom.
  4. The Hotham Mission web site has had a few updates lately; have a look!
  5. The August 2015 newsletter Synod is here.
  6. The most recent Presbytery Update (August 6) is here; the next Yarra Yarra Presbytery Meeting is Saturday August 22.