MtE Update – September 9 2022

  1. THIS SUNDAY Sept 11 there will be a workshop after morning tea for those leading the intercessions in worship
  2. The most recent Synod eNews (Septermber 8)
  3. The most recent news from the UCA Assembly (Sept 7)
  4. This Sunday September 9 we will be consider Jesus’ parables of the lost sheep and coin (Luke 15.1-10); for background on this and other texts for Sunday, see here.
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  1. Our COVID policy for worship continues to be as follows, to be reviewed again by the church council in October:
  2. Mindful of the health-vulnerability of some members of our congregation and the uncertain state of play with respect to the pandemic, the church council has decided that we will continue to wear masks in worship throughout March, except for those who need to remove them when leading the worship, and for morning tea, or who have an exemption from wearing a mask. Holy Communion continues to be servied in both kinds, the wine via small communion glasses only.

Advance Notice

  1. October 20 — Next Quarterly Conversation on the Quarterly Essay


  1. Got time to volunteer for the Hotham Mission homework club?

Other things of interest

  1. Mental Health and Disabilities Conference
  2. From the local UCA CBD churches justice coaltion):


A number of peace, community, environment and faith organisations are planning to place an advertisement in a national newspaper calling on the Australian government not to involve Australia in a war with China over Taiwan; to sign the UN Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons; and direct public spending away from AUKUS (Australia UK US) war preparations to urgent social and environmental needs. 

National Newspaper Advertisement

“We call on the Government of Australia in the interests of peace and security for the Australian people and the region:

  • To advise its AUKUS partners that Australia will not be involved in a war against China over Taiwan or disputed territorial waters in the South China Sea, or any other country, and will not allow use of Australian territory for that purpose
  • To sign and ratify the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
  • To cancel military spending for AUKUS war preparations, including cancellation of the acquisition of nuclear-propelled submarines, so that urgent domestic social needs (climate change mitigation, education, health including public hospitals and housing) can be better addressed.”

Over 1,000 signatures of organisations and individuals are being sought to back this statement for publication. The aim is to publish in one of the national newspapers on the anniversary of the announcement of the AUKUS military pact and nuclear submarines,16th September,2022.

To cover the cost of publishing the statement in one of the major national newspapers on 16 September we request individual donations of $20 (or what you can afford) and larger amounts from organisations. This statement can be signed and donations made on the Australian Anti-AUKUS Coalition website

This campaign is co-ordinated by the national Australian Anti-AUKUS Coalition (AAAC) with the support of peace, community, faith organisations and unions.

Please donate towards covering the cost of placing this advertisement in a major national newspaper on 16 September.

Please circulate this public appeal for peace and no war with China over Taiwan.

To contact Australian Anti-AUKUS Coalition: