MtE Update – July 9 2020

  1. The second part of our Intro the OT study series begins next week. All are most welcome — it’s easy to pick up if you’ve not covered the earlier video material (although doing a catch-up would be great ‘lock-down’ time-filler!). Groups are presently scheduled for Wednesday evening and Friday afternoon; more details here. One group presently has about 12 members and the other about 8 — we may be able to add a further group if there’s more interest. If you are planning to join for the first time, let Craig know so you can be added to the ‘Zoom’ link list!
  2. News from the Justice and International Mission Cluster  (July 3)  and July 6
  3.  The most recent Synod eNews  (July 3)
  4. Advance notice of another preaching series coming up from about the end of July!
  5. A friends of Vallore fundraising appeal
  6. This week July 12 Bruce Barber is our preacher, with a focus on the RCL readings from Romans and Matthew, looking again at the selection from Paul’s letter to the Romans. Some introductory comment on the readings for Sunday can be found here.
  7. A brief account of ministry of the saint(s) commemorated this Sunday can be found here: July 12 – Desiderius Erasmus