MtE Update – December 23, 2022


  1. This Sunday/Christmas Day the service commences at 9.30am!
  2. A Christmas “opinion” piece
  3. The most recent Presbytery News (Dec 18)
  4. The most recent Synod eNews (Dec 15)
  5. UCA Assembly “Circles” in 2022
  6. The MtE Events Calendar
  7. Previous sermons and services (recordings)


  1. Our COVID policy for worship continues to be as follows, to be reviewed again by the church council in February.
  2. Mindful of the health-vulnerability of some members of our congregation and the uncertain state of play with respect to the pandemic, the church council has decided that we will continue to wear masks in worship, except for those who need to remove them when leading the worship, and for morning tea, or who have an exemption from wearing a mask.

Advance Notice

  1. Quarterly Conversation Feb 2
  2. Meeting God in Paul – Lenten Groups March 2023