MtE Update – July 7 2022

  1. Church of All Nations (UCA, Carlton) is running a series of discussions on the “Statement from the Heart” on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month, for six sessions commencing the Sunday July 10. The sessions will follow Sunday worship, around 11.30am, and run for about 75 minutes.
  2. The most recent news from the UCA Assembly (July 6)
  3. This Sunday July 10 will take a short(?) break from the book of Revelation (we’ll probably get back to it!), and look at the “easier” Gospel reading for the week – “the good Samaritan”. For commentary on the other lectionary readings for this week, see here.


  1. Our COVID policy for worship continues to be as follows, to be reviewed again by the church council in July:
  2. Mindful of the health-vulnerability of some members of our congregation and the uncertain state of play with respect to the pandemic, the church council has decided that we will continue to wear masks in worship throughout March, except for those who need to remove them when leading the worship, and for morning tea, or who have an exemption from wearing a mask. Holy Communion continues to be servied in both kinds, the wine via small communion glasses only.

Advance Notice

  1. Congregational Meeting following worship July 24